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Enzo Reschini - Company


    Enzo Reschini Co. consists of three areas: Aluminium & Steel Division, Real Estate Division, Smart Building Division. A global activity that unites productions, projects and technologies.

    The Aluminium & Steel Division deals mainly with the design, the manufacture and the installation of aluminium frames, curtain walls and steel constructions.

    The Real Estate Division builds turnkey buildings for residential, industrial and commercial use.

    The Smart Building Division carries out research activities in the field of technological innovation, by designing and manufacturing new products with a special focus on energy saving, bio-architecture and home automation.

    The technologies employed by Enzo Reschini Co. allow it to perform a perfect and accurate job, organized by men and managed by computer systems. They are tools that take into account the environment and the energy saving.

    Enzo Reschini is an Italian company that has been operating in the field of building since 1968 by designing, manufacturing and installing aluminium frames, curtain walls, cladding, steel structures and intelligent envelopes for zero-energy buildings.

    The Design Department, with its team of professionals and experts, is available to customers to create custom projects, selecting materials and researching the best solutions to the case through a feasibility study and an accurate design of construction details.

    Close to the custom design, the Research & Development team studies specific solutions for energy saving and comfort, with particular attention to the environment and to the well-being of the end user.

    The keys to success are the know-how, with almost fifty years of experience, the overall management capacity of the project, the quality of the products and to continuously broaden our horizons in research.

    Our objective is to introduce unthinkable things in the realm of the possible. The team of Enzo Reschini company, in collaboration with clients and designers, wants to help spread the culture of beauty and well-being, but also the values of sustainability, functionality and solidity. We believe that only through experience and with great attention to quality, products that can withstand the barriers of time can be realized.

    Our projects always start from a row, a sign: the sign is a graphical representation of an idea, of a style. We are committed with our team to build the style of the architecture of the future. We have done it forty years ago and maybe this is in our chromosomes: we cannot do otherwise. One of the merits that should be recognized to Enzo Reschini is the ability to look beyond and to identify the right style of the works that will last over time.