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Enzo Reschini - The founder
    Being the “founder” of a company makes you feel proud, especially when this company has become an important enterprise, among the most qualified and appreciated. He feels so, Enzo Reschini, proud of a dream that has taken shape.

    It was 1968. A year in which so many transformations began. “Fantasy in  the power” was a slogan very creative. Enzo Reschini interpreted it in his own way, by rolling up his sleeves, bringing the fantasy in the work that he had decided to do. Of course it was a hard work, tiring, but the personal story goes on when the ideas are clear and one has a strong personality.

    More than forty years have passed and one can say, by looking at pictures in the Reschini's archives, the founder was really energetic and full of initiative, since in a short time has transformed a workshop in a leading company. A picture depicts a person (hands in foreground) who is beating, with a hammer, a piece of metal on an anvil. Beyond the private emotions, in this picture there is the value of work, which over the years has been enriched by competence and knowledge. The experience has always its own importance, because close to bytes of computers there is the substance of steel, aluminum, glass.

    Enzo Reschini began his professional history in 1968, but its first chapter was written several years earlier. Reschini tells: «When I was a child, I saw the breaking in two parts of a plow helm. To the despair of my father followed a prodigious for my eyes: the welding of the broken parts. I was very enchanted by it, so much to dream this could be the job of my life».

    So work is also emotion. Because first of all there are the people, with their enthusiasms, the desire to do, to dare. But also to dream, as well as Enzo Reschini did, not so long ago. And, even better, to continue to do so.

    The founder